12 of the Best .22 LR Ammo Choices for Hunting and Competition (50 Rounds of .22 Win Auto Ammo by Aguila)

50 Rounds of .22 Win Auto Ammo by Aguila

Most hunters miss long shots small game because they don’t know their distance or can’t compute bullet drop. High-velocity ammo is the solution. CCI Stingers, for example, don’t drop past 2 inches until 107 yards. (Two inches being about the size of a squirrel head.) CCI Standards, that run 570 fps slower, drop more than 10 inches at that distance. That’s the difference between making a clean kill shot, and missing the tree completely.

Aguila Super Extra HPs
50 Rounds of .22 Win Auto Ammo by Aguila


Aguila Super Extra HPs (38 grain copper-plated hollow point, 1,280 fps, $0.04/round) Aguila

Aguila Super Extras represent incredible value for hunting rounds that shoot very well. This Mexican ammo maker bought their priming process from Eley, which is widely considered the best in the world. Aguila wasn’t on my radar until I got a CZ that wouldn’t shoot the usual suspects well. That gun loved these Super Extras, and I loved the price. Aguila also makes a whole lineup of .22 LR oddities—60-grain subsonics, 420 fps powderless 20-grainers—that are great fun to mess with. Viva Mexico!

CCI Stingers


CCI Stingers (32-grain copper-plated hollow point, 1,640 fps, $0.13/round) CCI

Back in the late 1960s, CCI rolled out the first hyper-velocity .22 LR ammo, and hunters everywhere sent handwritten cards of thanks. From a pure performance standpoint, it’s still the best hunting ammo out there. CCI did this by changing the .22 LR case specs—making it a shade longer so they could stuff more powder into it—and lightening their proven 36-grain hollow point to 32 grains. The result was a veritable laser beam not seen in .50 Rounds of .22 Win Auto Ammo by Aguilabefore or since. But not all rifles can shoot them with that lengthened case. Today, most bolt guns run them fine (check your owner’s manual), and most autoloaders do not. Some rifle barrels don’t group them well at all, either—a drawback to all that speed. But if your small game gun chambers them, and prints a ¾-inch group at 50 yards, order a case of Stingers and never look back.

CCI Quiet 22 Semi-Auto

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