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44 magnum ammo Available In Stock 

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44 magnum ammunition available to be purchased

Starting around 1922, Winchester Super-X Ammo has Given Excellent Quality and Exceptional Execution

For quite a long time, trackers and shooters have depended on 44 magnum ammunition . Most popular for established trustworthiness, the rounds offered incorporate an empty point and lead center for quick extension on game, as well as a slight wall coat, which decreases etching powers for further developed precision.

This .44 Rem Mag cartridge by Winchester sports a 240 grain jacketed delicate point shot. The projectile’s fractional coat works with in entrance, while its uncovered center will mushroom outward to make a wide and wrecking wound channel. Since it gives execution like an empty point’s without the real cavity in its tip, this round’s projectile makes it ideal for use in regions where empty point slugs are restricted. This round’s dulled nose makes it ideal for use in rifles with cylindrical magazines also, for all intents and purposes undeniably less arranged to strike the preliminary of the cartridge before it at
.44 magnum ammunition


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Winchester flaunts that this round’s reliable precision and high energy store make it ideal for hunting huge game, and its supersonic 1,180 fps gag speed surely upholds that case. This round’s responsive preliminary, great reloadable metal packaging, and clean consuming fuel will all work well for you during your next chase or target practice meeting.


Winchester has constructed this specific JSP slug with bended ogive for simple taking care of into a chamber as well as a level tip where the lead is uncovered; this shape gets out and about ok for use in a switch activity rifle where shots meet groundworks inside a cylindrical magazine. The shot likewise has a toothed cannelure at its pleat point which forestalls bumping, jelly precision, and holds weight for profound infiltration into game creatures. Upon influence, the delicate place of the shot will mushroom out and make a bigger injury depression while unloading greatest energy into the objective. This yields more sympathetic drops as well as forestalls the gamble of a slug cruising out of the deer and fiercely into the forest.


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